Q1: Why this part of the city?

A1: Northminster is included in Peterborough’s Local Plan. It’s an allocated, brownfield site in the city centre where Peterborough City Council wants to see regeneration – and PIP’s role is to support that regeneration strategy. The proposed scheme is one that is reacting to the changing face of our city centre, and as this area of the city becomes more residential led, our aim is to bring a new identity for the local community.


Q2: Why has PIP been selected to bring the site forward?

A2: PIP was originally created to take schemes like this forward. We have a track record in developing difficult sites successfully for the benefit of the community, and Fletton Quays is a great example of that. Like Fletton Quays, Northminster faces a significant viability challenge, meaning that it’s not a desirable project for many private developers. Given PIP’s remit, it’s our job to support regeneration to help build value in the city centre.


Q3: Do we really need another residential development in this part of the city?

A3: The face of Peterborough is evolving. More residents based in the city centre equals more people spending money – and that, in turn, is better for the local economy altogether.


Q4: If approved, when would work start?

A4: We would hope to start work on site in early 2022.


Q5: When would the building be ready?

A5: We would hope that work will be complete during 2024/2025.


Q6: Is the provision of outside space (roof terraces etc) a direct consequence of Covid-19 and aiming to help with standard of living for the future?

A6: Covid-19 has certainly been a factor in our designs, but regardless of this we always want to achieve a high standard of living within any development. Outdoor space is a huge factor in this – we all know how much of an impact it has on our mental wellbeing – and the pandemic has simply highlighted just how important this is!